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Protect your body from everyday radiation 

SmartSense was founded by two mothers to address their concerns about everyday radiation the home and office.  All electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation and studies show this may be harmful to you and your family's health.   


Why protect ourselves from radiation?

We are surrounded by radiation every day.  All electrical devices such as a cell phones, computers, televisions and Wi-Fi (wireless networks) emit electromagnetic radiation.     

Studies have linked radiation exposure to cancer, birth defects, childhood leukemia, and developmental delays in children.   Even low levels of radiation from day-to-day use of electronic devices may be harmful to children, even in the womb.  

About Smartsense™

Smartsense™ products are meant to be preventative and were conceived by two mothers who believe in finding innovative and effective ways to better protect themselves and their families against the harmful effects of everyday radiation.  Smartsense™ is committed to developing high quality products that make sense.  Radiation is all around us.  Although we cannot eliminate it from our environment, we can reduce our risks by limiting our exposure to it.  It never hurts to be safe.

SmartSense covers can block radiation from reaching you 



 SmartSense covers make sense.  For peace of mind, use a SmartSense cover because it never hurts to be safe   

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